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Women of Color in Publishing - Board Member Bunmi Ishola shares with Bustle

What is happening in the publishing world that keeps the industry from changing? This article is a must read to get a better sense: How 10 Women Of Color Actually Feel About Working In Book Publishing

A few quotes from our Board Member, Bunmi Ishola:

  • "Going into publishing has made me feel a little bit of shame because I can’t take care of my basic needs," Ishola says. "My sister and my parents are like, 'You know, you’re just starting out. It’s okay.' But there’s a still a question of, 'Can you stay in this career long-term, though?"

  • But because she’s the only person of color on a 20-person editorial team, Ishola says it can be difficult advocating for herself and asking for support. "I worry about complaining or showing any sign that shows anything besides that I’m perfectly happy, because I’m worried how that reflects on me as an employee," Ishola says. "I think the people I work with are very conscious of diversity, but they’re not in the same situation and I don’t know how to have conversations where I can be truly honest."

Read the whole article - it's important.


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