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In conjunction with Black and other POC writers, booksellers, educators, and other leaders/community members, The Word drafted the open Community Letter (found below) to the owners of Tattered Cover in June 2020. 

In late July 2020, we received an update from the owners of Tattered Cover on their ongoing response and continuing learning plans. These plans are outlined on Tattered Cover's blog, found here.

The update acknowledges that long-term work is ahead. We are glad to see the immediate implementation of various items outlined in the letter. We additionally hope to hear updates on the plans for sustaining a dialogue with the community and for regular efforts that will be instituted to promote a more inclusive environment for authors and patrons of Tattered Cover.

Community Letter to the Owners of Tattered Cover Bookstore


To Len and Kristen, owners of Tattered Cover,


After your recent letters of June 6 & 8, we the undersigned—as members of the literary community of Denver, of Colorado, of the region—write to insist that the concerns raised in response to your initial letter, concerns which reverberate from past events, be met with more than a written apology. We write to insist that Tattered Cover take immediate actions necessary to its responsible participation in our community.


As you acknowledge, neutrality with regard to the murders of innumerable members of the Black community owing to nothing other than the color of their skin does not arise from a neutral political stance. It is not a political matter that humanity demands that an individual not be shot, choked, or beaten to their death simply for being born into their existence. It is not a political matter that members of the Black community should not be made to bear over and over again the loss of sons, sisters, mothers, uncles, fathers, daughters, neighbors, community leaders, stolen by unconscionable brutality. We ask further: where is the safe space you aim to provide for all members of the community when, for its Black members, the most basic right to breathe is one you do not feel you can insist upon?


An independent bookstore is meant to be a trusted partner, a uniting space. Every indie bookstore has its own DNA, personality, voice. We do not expect Tattered Cover to have the same central mission, the same look as its sister indies near or far. But we do expect Tattered Cover to reflect the community of which it aims to be a part. An indie bookstore that is disconnected from its heart cannot remain relevant to the larger body it serves.


Tattered Cover is not simply one independent bookstore among hundreds: it has sought out and plays a deeply interconnected role with the literary and educational networks of this region and beyond. Its ordering choices affect our local libraries’ lists; its choices of authors for school visits affect availability of educational programming; its decision to leverage its visibility to create programs such as the Teen Book Con or the Colorado Big Summer Read affect which stories and voices are most amplified. As representatives of your store, a large, respected entity that is looked to as a model across the Mountains and Plains bookselling region, you are asked to serve on influential bookselling and book award committees. None of us would be in the literary world if we did not believe in the power of storytelling to shape our culture. In each of these spaces, you do far more than sell a few books—you serve as an example of the culture you mean to build. 


Championing the free exchange of ideas is a laudable central goal, but turns quickly dangerous without clarity of the principles you seek to steward. Free expression is curbed when voices are muted by state-sanctioned genocide. Additionally, holding your business in line with the silencing of systemic marginalization of communities of color does nothing but deny your readers the knowledge of these groups.


For Tattered Cover to continue in this community as a trusted partner, as well as a champion of free expression, we insist that you take immediate action as outlined here:


1.   Tattered Cover will articulate specific goals for increased hiring and retention of individuals from marginalized backgrounds, to bring its staff in line with the demographics of the Denver-area. Tattered Cover will additionally create a meaningful program for promotion for new hires and existing staff to further the goal of a representative employee makeup. Tattered Cover will commit to hiring/promotion to managerial and book-buying roles for individuals from marginalized backgrounds, rather than with a focus centered on its café, stock, and floor bookselling positions. Tattered Cover will additionally articulate specific steps it will take to train upper management with regard to the presence of systemic workplace racism.

2.   Tattered Cover will additionally develop a plan, with the input of employees, to ensure that its work environment is safe, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of employees from marginalized backgrounds. As a first step, Tattered Cover will acknowledge the pain caused to its employees in releasing the June 6 statement, will issue an apology to its employees and employees who recently voluntarily separated, and will seek meaningful input from these parties with regard to response to this action. This will also include planning to ensure that future employee concerns relating to diversity and inclusion are meaningful heard and addressed.


3.   Tattered Cover will articulate specific goals for increasing representation among its carried titles, to ensure that its lists adequately reflect the demographics of the United States. Tattered Cover will additionally articulate specific goals for ensuring that authors invited for in-store events adequately reflect these demographics and will commit meaningful marketing resources to ensuring those events are promoted. Tattered Cover will also articulate specific goals for increasing representation of small and independent presses, especially those publishing Black authors and authors from other marginalized backgrounds, among its carried titles. These goals should include the store’s research and outreach initiatives to invite a wider variety of small publishers to submit their catalogs.


4.   Tattered Cover will immediately desist in charging any and all fees to authors not represented by major publishing houses in order to carry those titles in Tattered Cover stores or in relation to author events. Authors from marginalized backgrounds are far less likely to be associated with major publishers; fees that limit the reach of their works are simply another form of systemic bias preventing these authors from accessing resources equitably.


5.   Tattered Cover will donate 10% of its paid promotional space (i.e. endcaps, standing displays) to highlight Black authors and authors from other marginalized backgrounds.


6.  Tattered Cover will continue to support authors and community members who participate in actions for basic human rights, including this and future such actions.


7.  Tattered Cover will articulate a policy to ensure that its store environments are welcoming to guests from marginalized communities and will be transparent about its policies. For example, Tattered Cover should consider development of an alternative “disruptive behavior protocol” that does not include police intervention for petty offenses. Every police interaction exposes Black and other marginalized community members to deadly risks.


8.   Tattered Cover will articulate guiding values and principles, determined in conjunction with relevant community organizations, for future educational and public interest programming. Any future educational or large-scale community programming must be managed in conjunction with a voting-empowered board that includes relevant community members. In determining where such programming resources are placed, Tattered Cover will ensure a focus on underserved communities. Tattered Cover will take immediate steps to manage assets, such as ARCs that can be donated, to provide more sustained and consistent support to communities in need. Additionally, Tattered Cover will consider supporting organizations with experience and expertise in any relevant programming, rather than spearheading such programming within the bookstore. 


9.  Tattered Cover will acknowledge the influence and responsibility it holds within the literary community. The owners of Tattered Cover will take a minimum of one (1) year to learn from and listen to its community; during that time, in lieu of serving directly on book award judging committees and in other similar roles, the owners will seek to identify and recommend individuals of marginalized backgrounds to serve in such roles.


10.  Tattered Cover will articulate a set of guiding principles in its stewardship of reader privacy and free expression. These principles will reflect the distinction between basic truths of human rights and political speech. Clarity and transparency on these goals is necessary to rebuild community trust and to ensure future accountability.


We insist on clear articulation of Tattered Cover’s plans and response to the above stated action-items within 30 days of this letter. Until that response is received, the undersigned individuals and organizations will not pursue purchases or partnerships with Tattered Cover.


In closing, we share a statement from a former employee who recently resigned to protest the handling of this matter. “This is voluntary evil, white America is choosing to do this. America is a rootless land. This country did not just end up this way. It was built this way. And the spectacle of a black person terrorized by a white person, struggling to breathe and stay alive while other folks looked on, is not new; in fact, it’s foundational to America's becoming. This violent America was built on king cotton on stolen grounds. To be black in America and survive is to be of dual wakefulness on how to survive a country bent on your not becoming, all the while clasping for dear life onto a dream, to fantasize that it will one day include you.”




The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary


Viniyanka Prasad, Executive Director, The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary


Bunmi Ishola, Board Chair, The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary


Chris Aguilar Garcia, Board Member, The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary


Liza M. Bevams, Board Treasurer, The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary


Manuel Aragon, Board Member, The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary; Lighthouse Writers Workshop


Olivia Abtahi, Board Secretary, The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary

Aida Lilly, Communications Fellow, The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary


KT Literary, LLC


Kerrie Joy, The Kaleidoscope Project


Chinelo Tyler, The Kaleidoscope Project


Kristin Nelson, President, Nelson Literary Agency, LLC


Tallahj Curry, Literary Assistant, Nelson Literary Agency, LLC


Quressa Robinson, Literary Agent, Nelson Literary Agency, LLC


Danielle Burby, Literary Agent, Nelson Literary Agency, LLC


Joanna MacKenzie, Literary Agent, Nelson Literary Agency, LLC

Angie Hodapp, Director of Literary Development, Nelson Literary Agency, LLC

Courtney Milan, Colorado author


Suzi Q. Smith


Bobby LeFebre, Colorado Poet Laureate


Brenna Yovanoff


Sandhya Menon


Mariam Osman








Simone Liggins


Ryan Dorman


Virginia Webster


Eileen Silverthorne 


pavlos stavropoulos


Julia E. Torres


Angela Maria Spring, Owner, Duende District Bookstore


Michael Henry, Executive Director, Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Brooke Dilling

Helen Armstrong, Administrative Specialist, Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Maria Gabriela Guevara, author, reader

Cynthia Swanson, Colorado author

Carleen Brice, author, former employee

Carolina Alvarado Molk

Shaleen DeStefano, Urban Life Wash Park Magazine

Olivia Waite, author

Ali Sweeney, customer

Kelsey Bowe, poet, former customer

Patricia McCrystal, writer

Alyssia Bevams, customer

Jake Arlow, author

Brice Maiurro

Carrie Bindschadler, teacher, customer

Anya Prosser, former customer, teacher

Larisa Hohenboken, editor

Iden Sheng, customer

Jessica Montgomerie, customer

Eun Jung Decker

Suzanne Brockmann, author

Chelsea Bashford, former customer

Jenna Miles, Center for Visual Arts

Hillary Leftwich, author

Kit Nowell

Sinjin Jones, storytelling artist, former customer

Misty Saribal

Tara Roberts, former employee

Andrea Rexilius, customer

Brian McElmurry, customer

Compost Colorado, customer

Monterey Buchanan, author, customer

Christina McClelland

Caitlin Sulik, writer, lover of books, former customer

Bailey Pittenger

Deborah Jang


Renee Marino, Dirt Media, independent publisher


Tori Thacher, editorial director


Joy Carletti


Nina Reyes Rosenberg, Mala Forever, LLC


Eric Baus, author


Kateri Kramer, Lighthouse Writers, former customer


Alice Gerfen, bookseller


Sarah LaRue


Natalie Winslow, former employee, customer


AP Kramaric


Natja Soave, customer


S.E. Fleenor, author, essayist, former customer


Michelle Cantwell, teacher, writer


Vanesha McGee, poet, writer, former customer


Izra Rodriguez, employee, customer


Heather Garcia, customer

Vince Trujillo, educator/program manager


Amy Quinton, author


Jen Curran, Future Publishers of America


Gemma Webster, customer, Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop Student


Ahja Fox, customer, Colorado poet

Ken Arkind, poet

Sheyenne Magana, former customer

Scott Beck, writer

Nawal Nader-French, EIC: Inverted Syntax

Herman Luis Chavez, former customer

Emily Marie Passos Duffy, reader, poet

Marjorie Florestal, professor, novelist

Bekki Forstrom, former employee, customer

Amanda Worden, customer

Erica Bates, former employee

Patrycja Humienik, poet, writer, former customer

Roberto Martinez, playwright, poet, comics author, former customer

Ashley Wallis, community health worker, author, reader

Mickey Thompson, teacher

Cydney Trapp, customer

Sophia Cordero, community member, customer

Rebecca Hunter, author

Rita Ruderman, former customer

Ashley Bunn, former customer, local writer, editorial staff: Inverted Syntax

Matilde Marrero VanFleet, former employee

Amy Jo Cousins, author

Aleeya Wilson, MFA, Denver poet

Leah Koch, Owner: The Ripped Bodice Bookstore

Michael William Prince, writer, publisher, poet

Brittany O., customer

Jef Otte. writer, reader

Z. Hunter, customer

Mary Catherine La Mar, writer

Lucy Sroka, former employee

Marie Scott

Maxx Zenisek

Selah Saterstrom, Director of Creative Writing: University of Denver; writer

Anna Berthon, bookseller

Claire Heywood

Matilda (Tihleigh) Roach, InfoSec analyst, former employee

Maureen Lincke

Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, customer, author, writing teacher at Lighthouse and Front Range Community College, owner and teacher of (W)rites of Passage Workshop Series, daughter of The Rue Morgue Bookstore and Press

Katie O., teacher


Lauren Brown, customer

Diana Schmitt, former employee

Katie Koivisto, social worker, community member, customer

Andrea Giron Mathern, researcher

Kyle Sutherland, Islamic writer, poet, punk emcee, Sufi

Sydney Rakestraw, DPI alum

Julie Carr, writer, professor: CU Boulder

Nami Thompson, author

Mary Ann Dimand, Colorado poet, reader

Tony Mancus

Avry Williams, customer

D. L. Cordero, author

Kayla Borden, DPI Alum, former customer

Christopher Merkner, writer, teacher, customer

Fernando Gomez, poet

Adina Glickstein, customer, Colorado writer

Andre Hoilette, poet, former customer

Philip Clapham, customer

Yvette Frida Lonteen y Torres, customer

Julie Piller, customer

Catherine Bathe, writer, student

Kate Nicholson, lawyer, writer

Lindsay Turner, poet, professor of creative writing: University of Denver

Jo Cusick, RN, customer

Kelsey Pepin, customer

Hayley Brooks, poet, former customer

Beth Leyba, writer, community organizer

Carol, teacher

Mary McEuen, customer

Angelika Bravo, former customer

Antonio Escamilla, writer, former customer

Shy Yant, CPhT, customer

Em Leo, student, customer

Eleanor Swensson, poet, co-director of Writers Warehouse, former customer

Caspian Samuel, artist

Victoria Lopez, customer

Ella Longpre, author

Olivia, customer

Raymond Cober, DPI alum, author, customer, member: Denver Branch NLPW, Chairperson: Parker Writers

Hannah Bowe, editor, customer

Lee FG

NiNi Banh, customer

Shawnie Hamer, author, former customer

Christy Bouchard, customer

David Dye, author

Tiffany Fitzgerald, customer

Tim Earley

Evelyn Hampton, author

Robyn Parker, customer

Whit Griffin, poet, former customer

Lizzie, customer

Elisabeth Rappe, reader

Camila Biddulph, local journalist, customer

TJ Bishop, customer

HR Hegnauer, book designer, author

Kevin Reidy, customer

Adriana Gonzales, customer

Ashleigh Ruehrdanz, educator, customer

Shannon Tharp, writer, librarian

Emily Browning, customer

Tasneem Muhammad, educator, writer, teacher, parent

Yesica Mirambeaux

Diane Sullivan, customer

Yolanda Anyon, customer

Jen Simon, customer

Sarah Richards Graba, writer, educator, former customer

Jesse Morse, adjunct professor: Clark College, former customer

Emily McCabe, customer

Maria Diaz, royalty analyst

Steve Smith, customer

Jessica Comola

Shannon Wheeler, writer, reader, editor: Colorado State Capitol

Elyssa Lewis, poet, former customer

Jaimie Gershen, creative, customer

Lainie Formby, former employee, librarian

Carmen Cordova, former employee

Bryan Marmolejo, customer

Samuel Clare Knights, writer

Sara Veglahn, writer, instructor: Naropa University

Erinrose Mager

Toni Riggio, customer


Max Miller, customer

Linda Hladik

Alicya Tebo, former employee

LJ Holder, customer, lover of books

Samantha Miller, customer

Sarah Slater, customer

Katie P., former employee

Violet Mitchell, writer, former customer

Melanie Merle, writer, Chickasaw Nation Multimedia: communications division

Teresa Carmody, writer

Esther Hernandez

Kate Crowe, librarian, customer, Friends of Tattered Cover member

Ami Heinrich-LaGreca, publicist, customer

Julie M.

Kate Shylo, author

Harris Armstrong, writer, bibliophile

Amelia Cessna, former employee

Jessica Jones, criminal defense lawyer, customer

Leigh Ann Cowan, DPI alum

Sloane Kohnstamm, reader, producer: Who Cares?! Podcast

Erin Wilkins

Haydn Jeffers, DPI alum, editor, former customer

Stan Yan, author, SCBWI member, customer

Dennis James Sweeney, writer, customer

Iley Cao

Angela Nguyen, designer

Dustin Resch, aspiring author, former employee

Theo Spain, former customer

Penny S. Evans, customer

Grace Johnson, special issues editor: Peninsula Publishing & Distribution

Jen Mart, former customer

Claire Wright, library assistant

Yvonne Su

Carlos Francisco Rodriquez, customer

Laura Bond, writer, customer

Sprout Conner

Amber Taufen, editor, writer, former Friend of Tattered Cover member, customer

Katherine D. Morgan

Dwan Dawson-Tape, indie bookstore employee

Damon May, reader, former customer

Kristen Andersen, writer, translator, customer

Magdalen Thulson, teacher, former customer

Melissa Rolli, journalist, aspiring novelist, editor, DPI alum, former customer

Carrie Olson, customer

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, artist, writer, former employee

Laura Donohue, book blogger

Lindsey Earl, grant writer, author, creator, activist

Joel Warner, writer, author, instructor: Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Julie Whitehead, former customer

Sarah Olsen, customer

Erin Severs, former customer

Erin, conditional customer

Monica Romero, former customer

Erin C., customer

Aron Macarow, writer

Laurel Harris, customer

Megan Noone, customer

Anthony Chavez, former customer

Shannon Schmit, customer

Maddie Hosack

Glenn Jacoby, reader

Cass Eddington, poet

Allyson Mills, poet, artist, teacher, former customer

Laura Wolf, civil rights attorney

Alexus Blanding, DPI alum

Karen Spooner, teacher

Liana Kiddy-Gan, library assistant, customer

Teow Lim Goh, author, customer

Annalouiza Armendariz, parent, homeschool teacher

Sydney Chinowsky, writer, editor, former customer

Sara Gordon, customer

Susanna Donato, customer

Adrian Barron, customer

Michael Martin, bibliophile, customer

Sonja Thomas, author

Meg Wells, bookworm

Madden Ott, customer

Bree Davies, Denver media

Monique Bourdage, former employee

Susan Squibb, Cannabis Maven: writer

Maxfield Sparrow, author, MFA candidate

Melissa Pettek, former customer

Tari St.Marie, teacher, writer, customer

Catherine O’Neill Thorn, Art from Ashes, Inc.

Kelly Guest

Joanna Szabo, bookseller

Katherine Peterson, former customer

Tara Milligan, customer, neighbor

Matthew Omalley, customer, neighbor

Cecily Cullen

Kathy Moss Bradford

Mandy Rose, writer

Claire Radtke, teacher, customer

Reuben Gregory, former customer, former employee

Sarah Jackson


Meredith, customer

Scott Sawyer, author

Joy Roulier Sawyer, author

Melissa L. Amstutz, writer, bookseller

Nadine Jackson, customer

Lily Williams, author, illustrator, customer

Adam Ross, RosscoLorenzo General Store & Newsstand

Ashlan Christensen, teacher, former customer

Jody Nolting

Susan Smolinski

Brianna Robinson

Madison Hosack, customer, librarian

Kendall Kultgen

Luke Dan

Jordan Lopez

Emily, lover of books, art and media community spaces advocate

Nancy Brehm, customer

Kat Burney, former customer

Kate West, DPI alum, technical editor, former customer

Susie Gallaudet, customer

Jessica Hatch, freelance editor: Hatch Editorial Services

Matt West, customer

Atlas Zaina, customer

Jessica Landes

Brittany McKeighan, former customer

Daniel McKeighan, former customer

Rachel Waugh, former customer

Ashley McCulloch, teacher, customer

Nancy Tranzow, former customer

Katherine Keegan, customer

Leah Cleeland, assistant professor, former customer

Jonathan B., educator, customer

Garrett L. Mengel, customer

Renee Ruderman, poet, professor

Yoni Gottlieb, music producer, customer

Seth, teacher

Daniel Mazur, Soul Stories

Shelsea, Soul Stories

Maureen O., teacher, customer

Rebecca Chickadel, customer

Liliana Cervantes, customer, community member

Heidi Cooper, parent, activist, social worker

Emma Will, teacher

Renee Vander Veer, customer

Jessie Romero, student, former customer

Rebecca Almon, attorney, reader

Richie Snook

Connie M., customer

Stephanie Rosenbaum, teacher

Liz Noyes, customer

Esteban Gomez, customer

Jana Everett, customer

Djeane Peters, customer

Joe Ponce, writer

Matt Suprunowicz, customer, literacy teacher

Karin Ranta-Curran, customer

Benjamin Waugh, Friends of Tattered Cover member, customer

Alli Fehlman, customer

Carey Jones, editor

Erin Gaskins, educator

Nick Plumber, author

Corey Ryan

Angie Harsh, customer

Nick McIlroy, explorer

Darion Ramos

Raye Holab, teacher, writer, customer

Cassidy Matthew, former customer

Andrew Motts, artist, customer

Madeline, customer

Tiffany Stephens

Teague von Bohlen, writer, creative writing professor

Sam Kennefick, customer, educator

Kyle Eversley, customer

Jeffrey Scanlan, customer

Brittney Lomond, customer

Eleanor Kurucz, customer

Kathryn Downing, librarian, former customer

Elise Pagel, therapist, customer

Jill Karno

Maddie Bobrick, customer

Kara Patterson, customer, former employee

Jordan Bobrick, special education teacher

Chris Herr, Climate Solution Center

Josie Russell, journalist, customer

Patsy Everett, educator

Hannah Harsin Drager, teacher, customer

Kal Rajhi, former customer

Kate Munz, former customer

David Burris-DeBoskey, customer

Kristen Henriksen, customer

S.M. Cunningham, author, activist

Abby Shea Pigott, marketing & publicity: Farcountry Press

Lucy, musician, educator

Alece, customer

Robert Cox, customer

Christina Mulcahy, reader, former customer

Corinne Daddario, customer

Caroline Roberts, customer

Charlotte Willard, customer

Ruby Pierce, customer

Maggie Burkhardt

Calley Pierce, customer

Matthew Downey, customer

A.V. Schilt

Rachael Carroll, customer

Lauren Hayden, customer

Margaret Melhus, customer

Riley Hutchings, customer

Katie Wamsley, customer

Anna Smith, customer

Keith Garcia, customer

Meredith V., customer

Taylor Kirby, writer, customer

Courtney Gallagher, psychologist

Taryn Martin, customer

Jenna Vogen, therapist, educator, customer, neighbor

Sarah Bolin, former customer

Jill Rittersbacher, customer

Meg Thompson, student, customer

Nathaniel Routh, attorney

Joe Kelley

Irish Augustine, reader

Anthony Salazar, student

Susan Allspaw Pomeroy, author, poet

Taylor Harrell, customer

Ursa Nuffer-Rodriguez, customer

Deyja Enriquez, customer

Carolina Adams, customer

Amber W. Pearson, psychotherapist, customer

Ayla, customer

Emily O., writer, student, customer

Mollie, musician, customer

Sangeeta Mehta, emeritus board member: The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary

Allison Green, customer

Nikki Tomkinson, customer

Virginia Gold, customer

Charli Renken, former Friends of Tattered Cover member, writer

Camila Navarrette, customer, writer

Stefanie Molina, editor, customer

Cat Shea, customer

Jamie Allen, DPI alum, educator

Megan Walters

Katie Priske, former customer

Christina Robison, former customer

Anna Sparlin, former customer

Ian Huschle

Amber Baack, social worker, reader, customer

Dani Buchheister, customer

Ana Horn, student, former customer

Michelle Driessnack, DPT student

Kate Leos, reader, parent of readers, former customer, daughter of an independent

Sara Hildreth, teacher, host: Novel Pairings podcast, creator: @fictionmatters

Jenna Lane, writer, editor, member: Lighthouse Writers, customer

Kiana Marsan

Jesaka Long

Robert Harbour, customer

Norris Rettiger, bookseller, former employee, writer

JM Samson, customer

Theresa Rozul Knowles

Kane Klipka, librarian, organizer, former school and outreach coordinator: Tattered Cover

Kelly Crandall, former customer

Caroline Brown, writer, community member, ally, former bookseller

D. McGruder, customer

Matthew Hamilton, former customer

Moira Sens, customer

Teresa Grayce, educator, former employee, customer

Karen Neville, librarian, customer

Nat Gove

Brandi Stanley, Tilt West Board, writer, editor

Naomi Zawadzki, sociology student: CU Boulder

Kate Carmody, writer, teacher

Srinitya Tripuraneni, customer

Yesenia Nava, customer

Andrew LJ

Kuwa Jasiri Indomela, Authentic Creations Publishing: Founding Executive

Kate Livingston, writer

Troy Livingston, former customer

Brenda Hardwick, author, owner: Shine Your Light Publishing, LLC

Elena Klaver, conditional/former customer, community activist, Spanish interpreter

Paul Mulligan, former customer

Kelsey Turner, customer

Steve Holz-Russell, customer

Shyanne Chavez, DPI student

Oak Slater, customer

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