#marginsbookstores month

Presenting the First Annual #MarginsBookstores Month

Celebrating BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled, and Neurodiverse-Owned/Managed Bookstores

Bookstores by and for Community

Welcome to the planning of the first annual #MarginsBookstores Month with a focus on bookstores from and for folks in the margins! We invite all indie bookstores representing marginalized communities as outlined below to participate. 


Here's what's in the works for 2021. The Word will:

1) be working with Chronicle Books to put together an illustrated, interactive map of our participant bookstores

2) work with Chronicle to bring to market a journal featuring the map and and additional information about each bookstore, including some of the fun info you provide below and 

3) plan in-store (we hope) festivities for Fall 2021, including exclusive stock of the #MarginsBookstores journal!


Please fill out this form if your bookstore is:

1) Owned by (or for which the main management) identifies as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, or neurodiverse;


2) Includes among its main mission, values, ethos, and/or programming representation of marginalized communities and/or cultural support of marginalized communities


**More about the organizer, The Word | A Storytelling Sanctuary: The Word is a nonprofit that fights for cultural equity through the literary arts. With a focus on opening blockages along the publishing pipeline, its programming includes the annual Duende-Word BIPOC Bookseller Award, mentorship opportunities, the [margins.] literary conference, educational workshops, and community building opportunities for writers and publishing creatives from marginalized backgrounds.

We have now closed to submissions for inclusion in our 2021 journal. Bookstores who would still like to be included in other portions of our programming should contact Aida Lilly via social@thewordfordiversity.org

In collaboration with

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