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Poetic Ales





Poetic Ales is a three beer collaboration that spotlights local Denver-area BIPOC poets.  The project reflects the needed intentional promotion of literary artists from marginalized backgrounds, sometimes using unconventional formats.

 Each poet has an original work responding to the theme “The In Between”, reflecting this  February 2021 middling period of the pandemic and this time of conscious awakening on equity issues, published on custom beer labels 


 Poetic Ales will be released on February 12, 2021 in a Limited Edition gift box set! Each gift box will include a single can of each beer and a custom Rastal Lawrence tumbler featuring the Poetic Ales emblem in gold. The Poetic Ales will also be available in 16oz can 4-packs and on draft, at Fiction Beer Company. A portion of proceeds from each purchase will go to support The Word. 

Poetic Ales will be available for exclusive national distribution through Beer Drop. For more information on how to have Poetic Ales shipped to your door please visit:

Meet the Poets
Deborah Jang pic.jpg

"So grab a pint, pour down a few. 

Let elder have its way with you."

- Poetry by Deborah Jang

Cure Your Ales, Elderberry Fruited Ale

Meet the poet:

Deborah Jang is a visual artist and poet whose creative work is rooted in her perspective as a woman of color (API) and who writes with compassion for a world in crisis. Her debut poetry collection, "Float True," was published in March 2020 by Shanti Arts LLC. Her sculptural work can be found in collections regionally and nationally.


Find Deborah:  


"It was time right? 
All these months
Made a tongue a dance floor."

- Poetry by Franklin Cruz

Small Gestures of Vibes, Southern Hemisphere Hazy IPA

Meet the poet:

Franklin Cruz is a scientist and artist in Denver Colorado working to explore the ways to reconnect our humanity with nature


Find Franklin:

Instagram: @fcruz_unido

Copy of RLXH9394.png

"It might be scary, but that’s just the proof,

That it’s worth trying, or it would never faze you. "

- Poetry by Kerrie Joy

Phazed Brew, Molé Milk Stout

Meet the poet:

Kerrie Joy is an artist, educator, entrepreneur, and organizer. Born in Brooklyn and raised on a church pew in Newburgh, NY, Kerrie brings her east coast flare and fervency to the stage for every single performance. The truth of her words and the power of her delivery have been said to lift her listeners out of their seats. It is that same magic that has brought her to stages such as the Red Rocks Amphitheater, TEDx MileHigh, the 2018 Denver Womxn's March and MLK Marade, and many more. Kerrie channels her creativity through poetry, hip hop, song, short story, graphic design, and fashion. She uses these artistic mediums as vehicles to spread consciousness and inspire civic engagement. Kerrie has partnered with organizations such as Project VOYCE, Tennyson Center for Children, Warm Cookies of the Revolution, Bro. Jeff's Cultural Center, the American Heart Association, and more, to serve as an organizer of ideas through creative delivery, teaching her students about the political framework within the arts and how it can be used to build collective power. Reveling in her awkward nature, Kerrie also brings a conscious vulnerability and learned confidence to the classroom where she challenges her students to journey to their truest, and most dynamic, selves. She shows them how to always assume a posture of learning while developing their innate ability to affect meaningful change simply by telling their stories.


Kerrie is currently the co-executive director of The Kaleidoscope Project, co-host of The SIP Podcast, and co-organizer of the Defund DPD “Amend The Charter” campaign while working on her first music/poetry album and much more.


Learn more at


Find Kerrie:

Facebook: @iamkerriejoy

Twitter: @iamkerriejoy

Instagram: @kerriejoy

Youtube: Kerrie Joy



Small Gestures of Vibes 

Southern Hemisphere New England Style IPA 

Double Dry Hopped with: Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Wai’iti hops 

Our newest Hazy IPA comes from the southern hemisphere. We used a unique blend of hops sourced from Australia and New Zealand including: Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, and Wai’iti. Bursting with ripe tropical fruit character and featuring notes of gooseberry, lime, guava, and kiwi. Light and airy on the pallet and a smooth finish. A truly juicy hop experience. 

Phazed Brew 

Molé Milk Stout

Dark brown, nearly opaque but not quite. This robust milk stout was brewed to accentuate the toasted characteristics of barley. Using a blend of grains including 4 types of malted barley, we have layered in notes of chocolate, caramel, and coffee. Building on our malt base, we added copious amounts of cacao, lactose and an array of locally sourced Mexican chili peppers and spices. The peppers add a subtle savory spice—pairing beautifully with the sweet cocoa, creamy lactose and spice medley. Smooth, decadent, and exotic. 

Cure Your Ales 

Elderberry Fruited Ale

Rich purple and red hues immediately capture your attention. Our rustic golden beer base features old world malts. These malts create a subtle spicy earth aroma followed by hints of crisp cracker. Complementing these characteristics is the delicate tangy tartness of the elderberries. Hallertau Mittlefrueh hops accentuate the earthy notes of the malt bill and add their classic herbal, floral and spice notes. The Sorachi Ace hop addition adds a hint of lemon on the finish. Balanced, bright, and complex in flavor. 



Christa Kilpatrick (Owner, Managing Editor, Fiction Beer Company) first met Viniyanka Prasad (Executive Director, Founder of The Word) at a bookstore event 2 years ago. In the time since, Fiction Beer has hosted a few of The Word events and they’ve kept in contact with Viniyanka in the hopes of putting together a collaborative project benefiting The Word and its literary artists. Poetic Ales is literally years in the making and it’s finally happening!

About Fiction Beer Company (Denver, CO) Fiction Beer Company is a multi-award winning craft brewery in Denver, CO. Recognized as the first brewery in Colorado to brew a Hazy Style IPA. They are also known for their lagers as well as a rotating selection of available styles. Fiction Beer Company can be purchased at select liquor stores in the Denver Area and nationally through the Beer Drop. 

Artwork courtesy of: Glissen Rhode Creative

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