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About [margins.]


we believe in the power of words and will work to provide a platform for voices to be heard beyond social, cultural, political, and economic barriers. 


we believe in the power of gathering ourselves together to support the growth and development of healthy careers and writing communities that welcome and embrace voices from all races, colors, genders, sexual orientations, lifestyles, classes, national origins, religions, ethnicities, ages, and abilities.

we believe

what is [margins.]?

Brought to you by The Word, [margins.] literary conference and festival was created in 2020, in response to the request from our community. The first of its kind, [margins.] is a conference, bookfair, and literary festival.


The 2nd [margins.] Conference will be a hybrid conference. It will convene nationally online and curating a local in-person experience for residents of the metro Denver area (occupied Arapahoe, Cheyenne, and Ute land) August 5-7, 2022.  We loved connecting with our community virtually in 2020, and we are looking forward to organizing meaningful engagement and community experiences for our virtual participants in 2022. 


[margins.] brings together writers, storytellers, and wordsmiths at all levels of experience to explore emerging trends in literature and the many approaches to storytelling, visioning and creating, education, inclusion, advocacy, organizing, and building community. 


[margins.] was created by and for people on the margins, promoting the inclusive representation of experiences in literature for communities who have historically been excluded. 


In 2020, we hosted 180 conference attendees from across Denver, Colorado, the U.S., and internationally in a virtual format.

Community Activism & Organizing

Careers in Writing: Business & Publishing

Writing Craft

Online Book Fair

Livestreamed Readings

Cohort Meet-ups & open mics

Panels and Workshops

(some will be fully virtual,

some will be livestreamed)


Participants said:

"[margins.] is like deep conditioner for the writer's soul."

"That this space and community exists at all is a wonder"


We will be offering programs primarily in three tracks: 



Our planning committee includes:

Chris Aguilar Garcia, Writer & Editor

Lonnie MF Allen, Writer & Graphic Novelist

Manuel Aragon, Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Danielle Brooks, Denver Public Library

Olivia Chadha, Writer 

D.L. Cordero, Writer & Community Organizer

Franklin Cruz, Artist, Educator, & Organizer

Katerina Jeng, Slant’d Magazine

Bobby LeFebre, Colorado State Poet Laureate

Twanna Hill, Writer & Educator

paparouna (pavlos stavropoulos), writer, translator, & community organizer




What is The Word?

View The Word’s About page



Who's coming?

In 2020, over 60 speakers spanned local, national, and international bestselling authors to respected industry experts, including editors, agents, and publishers.


In 2022, we will be even more robust.  We are anticipating between 200 - 300 conference registrants, 1,000 festival attendees over the course of the three-day event, and 1,000 participants in the community programming leading up to the conference itself, taking place between February - July, 2022. 



What Community Programing?


Check out [margins.] meets events

Is this In-Person or Virtual?

Both. We are very mindful of the state of the world and while we are currently planning a hybrid conference, we will stay flexible as the safety and needs of our community become more apparent in the coming months.


In 2020, we adapted [margins.] to a fully virtual format in response to COVID-19, and in doing so learned that we were able to offer resources and be more accessible to broader audiences, many of whom have not previously had the support or opportunity to attend a literary conference. In our commitment to be as accessible to marginalized writers as possible, and maintaining virtual programming is key to that aim.



What Will be Happening Virtually?











What Will be Happening in Denver?

[margins.] is a national conference that will be immersed in Denver’s own thriving arts & literary scene. Denver is a national hub of arts and culture, and we are thrilled to promote a welcoming and celebratory space for writers and creatives from throughout North America.


[margins.] includes events for the word-loving community at large, including readings and book signings by beloved local and national authors across genres, a public book fair highlighting works by marginalized authors, in collaboration with major publishers such as Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Algonquin, and more, open mic readings for emerging writers, youth programming, and multi-disciplinary arts events in collaboration with a host of local and national arts organizations.  


The Word is a 100% BIPOC-led organization working to challenge practices that are reliant on bias and outdated stereotypes to determine who writes, publishes, and reviews literature. We center voices from marginalized communities to fight the dehumanizing effects of cultural erasure.  Our work in advancing diversity in literature has been so well received that our programming has tripled in the last three years.  [margins.] supports writers and creatives with marginalized identities while also building community and introducing their work to new audiences.


The [margins.] planning committee is currently seeking partners to provide sponsorships, grants, and donations to help make [margins.] 2022 a success!   


[margins.] is a great opportunity to connect Denver’s arts and business communities to show our visitors the best that the Mile High City has to offer. With three days of events that are free and open to the public, the bookfair offers readings, book signings, and opportunities for the local community of writers and word lovers to participate.

Events will take place at the McNichols Civic Center Building in

downtown Denver, launching with a keynote event on

Friday, August 5 at 7 PM.

Tracks will be centered around the themes of intersectionality, centering historically-marginalized voices, and collectively realizing our vision of a liberated future. 

We will explore emerging trends in literature and the many approaches to storytelling, visioning and creating, education, inclusion, advocacy, organizing, and building community. With our partners, we will offer workshops, meet-ups, open mics, readings, panels, and an epic dance party. 

We invite you to dream with us. To build with us. To listen with us. To welcome and celebrate voices that have historically been silenced and oppressed.  

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