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Spotlight on our Communications Fellow: Aida Dabit

Aida Dabit is helping all of us see the forest and the trees, one tweet at time, in her days as The Word's Communications Fellow. So what bookish loves got Aida to this point? A little peak below:

1. What is your favorite word (and why)?

Cuddles: it sounds like what it is, plus anything warm and snuggly is a go for me!

2. Your favorite author is writing your biography. Who is it, and what is the title?

Christopher Moore: She Gave It the Old College Try

3. Where would most want to run into your doppelgänger, and what will she be doing when you see her?

She’s up on a stage, shredding and singing backing vocals, and we make knowing eye contact from my spot in the front row.

4. Electronic or paper books? If paper, to dog-ear or not? 

Paper books are my preference (love the tactile sensation and smell!), but I’m not opposed to electronic books since they’re handy in a pinch. I just stopped dog-earing my books literally two months ago (people started giving me books that were too nice to dog-ear, and I also suddenly found myself in possession of a giant pile of bookmarks).

5. What is the book on your nightstand right now?

Wolves of the Calla- Stephen King, Naked- David Sedaris, and The Name of the Wind-Patrick Rothfuss (plus Adjustment Day-Chuck Palahniuk is my current phone read).


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