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Support Black-Owned Bookstores!!!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Our friends at Duende District Bookstore (@duendedistrict) put together this list of Black-owned bookstores. It's always been important to support them, and we want to highlight some of their shops and book recommendations here.

Black Lives Matter. Every. Single. Day.

Updated 2021: Also use these links to find additional stores to support:

Oprah Daily's list of 125 Black-Owned Bookstores

A big list of Black-Owned Businesses

(all images are from the respective bookstores' pages)


Ashay by the Bay: In honor of their 20th anniversary,10% off everything in their store with promo code STAYSAFE. Check out their African-American History section.


Beyond Barcodes Bookstore had this book recommendation: "I sell books to all age groups, but these days I've been thinking about children. So my rec is for a beautiful, celebratory picture book. Given our current plight, we must make space to celebrate and tell our children how we've made it through"-UNDEFEATED, Kwame Alexander. Ordering link.


Read a little bit about the founder of Black World Books. From their site: "One of the things that Maeva [the founder of Black World Books] is most excited about is her involvement in the struggle for African Americans, and all blacks who are a part of the African diaspora, to achieve autonomy through economic empowerment."


Check out this list of titles and letter "On Silence, Stillness and Self-Preservation"from Cafe con Libros in Brooklyn, NY.


Chez Alpha Books from Twitter: “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” ―John F. Winston Kennedy. We read not just to know more but to do better!

Books available ⁦@ChezAlpha ⁩

Here are some of the books they recommend:

from @ChezAlpha Twitter


Cultured Books wrote: "it is NEVER too early to start those tough + NEEDED conversations regarding the true makeup of society. in the coming weeks we'll share with you some great titles to get you and your family talking. for now here is a list to help start the conversation of race + racism." Support their Bookshop here.


You can shop Dare Books and follow them on Facebook. They distribute and publish Black and multicultural books.


Our friends at Detroit Book City will be sending us over a blurb soon!


You can shop Enda's Booktique AND you can donate to their literacy and reading program!

Check out some of their books on African American & Social Justice Literary Projects.


There's an excellent Anti-Racist Collection at EyeSeeMe. You can also donate to their GoFundMe.


For Keeps Books has some vintage and collector's books.

They're sold out of a good bit of their stock right now.


Frugal Bookstore is a family-owned community bookstore focused on literacy.


Harambee Books & Artworks isn't just a bookstore. Take a look at everything they do!: "We also provide educational resources, reading programs, and community-based events to improve literacy skills and foster parental engagement. Harambee Books & Artworks was conceived to achieve our mission of literacy education as a fundamental human right for all. The company's philosophy is to empower and educate people by providing quality resources and services."

- From their About Us


Loyalty Bookstores has put together a wonderful anti-racist reading list that you can shop HERE.


Shop Lushena Books, based in Chicago.


Mahogany Books has an entire section of their site dedicated to Black Books Matter.


Take a look at the Facebook for Marcus Books and read their letter in support of BLM.

You can order from them HERE.


Check out LETTERS TO MS. EM at MeJah Books, Inc. and shop their collection of books about Black history and culture.


Mocha Books is another store that's more than just books. You can shop and find resources as a reader and author.

Here's their message from Facebook:


It doesn't seem like you can shop Olive Tree Books-n-Voices online, but check out their website for their interesting history and see if they're near you. You can also try giving them a call to see if they fulfill shipping orders.


Pyramid is remodeling their website, but check their main page for information on ordering from them.



From the Twitter of Sankofa: "Since 1998, Sankofa has been a cultural center, bookstore and cafe devoted to people of African descent."


The only Black-woman owned bookstore in Chicago. They also have an art gallery.


Smith & Hannon Bookstore specializes in African American literature and is based in Cincinnati.


Source Booksellers is in Detroit and specializes in non-fiction. Take a peek at their FB or give them a call for some recommendations.


Kathy at Brain Lair Books (Black-female-owned) put together this wonderful reading list of 100 books: This List Is Anti-Racist


The Dock Bookshop has a membership program that benefits communities. You can also buy audiobooks from them on Their goals include amplifying Black voices and educating people about racism and anti-racism.


The Listening Tree is another business focused heavily on giving back to the community. If you have any issues accessing their site, try again later; looks like they've been getting lots of traffic!



Turning Page Bookshop is based out of South Carolina, and they recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary!


Uncle Bobbie's has been closed because of COVID-19, but you can still buy apparel and audiobooks from them. Also consider donating to their GoFundMe.


Underground Books has a FB you can follow, but the website listed there is for a different bookstore. HERE is the link for their store.


From their website: "Willa’s Books & Vinyl specializes in used and rare African-American books, first editions, as well as the works of a wide variety of main-stream authors."


African Bookstore sells books online and is active on FB. Check out their bestsellers. They've been around since 1992!

^*Some bookstores listed are closed temporarily or permanently or may not be available for online shopping:

  • Between the Lines Bookstore no longer does direct sales (only corporate events and book signings)

  • Book Boutique (no website available, try giving them a call: (404) 563-4918)

  • Carol's Books (no website available, try giving them a call: (916) 339-3998)

  • Da Book Joint is on Twitter with some great content! Their website is unavailable for now, but you should follow them here: @DaBookJoint

  • Eso Won Books is closed to orders right now, but check back soon!

  • Nubian Bookstore doesn't seem to have a webstore, but check their FB or try giving them a call: (678) 422-6120.

  • Smiley's Books doesn't seem to have a webstore, but check their FB or try giving them a call: (310) 324-8444.

  • The Black Reserve Bookstore doesn't have a true webstore, but please give them a call (267) 221-3090) or check their website for contact information to place orders.

  • The Multicultural Children's Bookstore is still working on getting their webstore going. Try giving them a call (510) 209-3063.

  • Zawadi Books doesn't seem to have a webstore, but check their FB or try giving them a call (716) 903-6740.

UPDATE: Find a big, big list at Oprah Mag!


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