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Spotlight on Board Member Olivia Abtahi

We're starting off 2019 by introducing you to another team member: Olivia Abtahi. Olivia is not only a board star, but is our new Grants Chair. Want to add to your rainbow library--check out some of Olivia's to-reads and bookish loves:

Five booklove questions for Olivia:

1. What is your favorite word (and why)? Cantankerous! It's just so fun to say, and the sound describes the definition pretty well. 

2. Your favorite author is writing your biography. Who is it, and what is the title? My biography would be written by Jasper Fforde, and the title would be "From From" 

3. Where would you most want to run into your doppelgänger, and what will she be doing when you see her? I would love to run into my dopplegänger, period. But in this fantasy she would be in a bookstore, reading a book we both like.

4. Electronic or paper books? If paper, to dog-ear or not? I read both! If it's a good book, it doesn't matter how you're reading it. If it's a signed book, I try to keep it in good condition. If it's an old paperback that I've re-read over and over then I'll definitely dog-ear it.

5. What is the book on your nightstand right now? Right now I've got "Wild Card" by Marie Lu, "Storm Runner" by CJ Cervantes, and "Vicious" by V.E. Schwab on my nightstand. 


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