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Spotlight on Board Member Bunmi Ishola

Another board introduction is here! Meet the effervescent Bunmi, Board Member and Editor-Writer Mentorship Chair! You know you want to know more...

Five booklove questions for Bunmi:

I will preface all of my answers by saying that I have a huge issue with the word "favorite." It paralyzes me because I feel disloyal to things I like to put one above the other. So most of my answers will have more than one actual answer... and I still feel guilty about even picking those as "favorites." ;-)

1. What is your favorite word (and why)? Loquacious is a word I learned in either 10th or 11th grade in preparation for the SATs. I was a chatty kid (and can still talk for ages if you let me), but hated being called talkative or motor-mouth or words like that. Loquacious felt like a much more sophisticated way of describing myself and I always smile when I run across it when reading. Another favorite word, malarky, was discovered my senior year of high school and my cousin and I tried squeezing, "That's malarkey!" into every conversation we could that summer. I also love the words hirsute and avuncular, simply because they are fun to say. 

2. Your favorite author is writing your biography. Who is it, and what is the title? Favorite living author probably would be Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and if she were really writing my biography, I would even care what the title would be. Maybe, "As One Would Breathe Air" or "To Fill Up and Live"? (I am currently loving the Anne Dillard quote, "She reads books as one would breath air, to fill up and live.") 3. Where would most want to run into your doppelgänger, and what will she be doing when you see her? Umm... maybe at the Olympics, and she'd be an Olympian (either a gymnast or a figure skater, depending on if it's Summer or Winter). Or maybe in New York City, performing on Broadway.  4. Electronic or paper books? If paper, to dog-ear or not? Paper. And I will hurt you if you dog-ear one of my books (if it's yours, I'll just try not to cringe).  5. What is the book on your nightstand right now? So, I literally have five stacks, each with a minimum of 10 books, hanging around (and on) my bed. I don't have time to list them, and even if I did, you don't have time to read such a list. 


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