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Publishers Accepting Unagented Submissions

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Here are a few publishers/editors accepting unagented submissions from Black authors for the next few months:

From Brittany Lavery's Twitter: "Today through Sept. 8, 2020, Graydon House is accepting unagented submissions from Black writers. We publish high-concept book club fiction and upmarket women’s fiction, including—but not limited to!—historical, suspense, family dramas, friendship stories, and more. Send your query letter + first 30 pages to You’ll receive personalized editorial feedback within 90 days. If we decide to make an offer, we can recommend agents for you to contact. Your submission material will be read by one of our team members:

From Cat Clyne’s (@CatClyne Editor at HQN & Graydon House) Twitter:

“Through Labor Day, the editors at Harlequin’s *HQN* Books are accepting unagented submissions from Black writers. HQN publishes all sub-genres of romance and romantic women’s fiction. Read more about HQN Books here: Send your query letter + first 30 pages to You’ll receive editorial feedback within 60-90 days. If we’d like to move forward, we’ll request a full manuscript (80,000 words min) and can recommend agents for you to contact.”

HarperCollins Children's Books has a Diverse Voices Open Inbox; queries close July 1.

Molly Cusick (Children’s & YA editor at @SourcebooksKids & @SourcebooksFire): "If you are a Black writer with a completed manuscript you think may be a fit, please DM me and I’ll give you my email address." Molly will provide feedback.

David Pomerico is looking for Black SFFH authors to query him.

Hub City Press: “We are actively looking for work from Black Southern voices. We offer two unagented query submission periods in fall and spring. In between, our DMs and emails ( are open for queries and hellos”

"Rebecca Gyllenhaal (Assistant Editor) is on the lookout for high-concept, genre-bending fiction and nonfiction for adults, but is open to good proposals in any category... She is actively seeking diverse authors and pitches and is open to unagented submissions at this time. Please send as much material as you have—at least sample chapters and an outline if not the full manuscript (but keep your cover letter brief and to-the-point)."


These publishers are also accepting unagented submissions:

Also, check out this awesome and absolutely MASSIVE list of publishers accepting unagented work:

Good luck everyone!

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17 de nov. de 2020

Unhinged Publishing is open for unsolicited manuscripts, unagented welcome! We are accepting submissions for a WIDE variety of genre including but not limited to: Erotica, romance, young adult, new adult, Mystery, Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Science Fiction

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