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We're glad to have you join the crew!

Every gift is invaluable. You have our deepest gratitude.

Be sure to check out:

Our latest reading list

Our latest workshop videos

Our list of resources for writers and publishing creatives

If you made a monthly donation,

welcome to the Sustaining Circle!


Your benefits are listed here for you again. If you would prefer not to receive any of our thank-you gifts or if you would prefer to keep your donation anonymous, please email Aida at social [at] to update your preferences. 

Reader - $5/mo
Gift upon joining
Early access to events
Members only communications
BDay Wishes
Thank you in annual Dec newsletter

Advocate - $10/mo
All above +
Yearly gift from publisher partner
Discount to biennial [margins.] Conference

Builder - $25/mo
All above +
Extra yearly gift from publisher partner (total 2 gifts)

Collaborator - $50/mo
All above +
Invitation for complimentary attendance
at biennial [margins.] Conference

Investor - $100/mo
All above +
Invitation to special event at [margins.] Conference
Annual book club/Author reading event

Thank you for your support!

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