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Oneness, love, inclusion: First Book Loves with Nishat Ali

Today we hear from Nishat Firdous Jehan Ali, creator of My Loving World, on her first book love and inspiration, The Giving Tree:

From Nishat:

My favorite book that gives me so much inspiration, hope, and passion for children’s books, is Shel Silverstein’s classic “The Giving Tree”. The story is simple yet so meaningful. A tree deeply loves a boy and gives him everything she possibly can until she literally has only her stump left. When that is all she has left, he sits on her stump and shows that one’s presence alone is all one needs for love. It is a story of unconditional love and demonstrating the simplicity yet most meaningful form of care, being there for someone. “The Giving Tree” truly resonates with me, and to this day that book is my inspiration.

As a first time author, when creating the children’s picture book, "My Loving World”, I used "The Giving Tree" as my guide for a simple yet meaningful creation. I wanted to develop a smooth and thought provoking book that cares most about the message of oneness, love, and inclusion, for our readers. Adding to this, our illustrator, Hector Ivan Garcia, focused more on the diversity of children in our book rather than backgrounds. "The Giving Tree" is an ideal example for in so many ways.

As a 4th grade teacher in Chicago, I always read "The Giving Tree"on our first day of school with the kids. I am so excited to begin this tradition with "My Loving World".

More about Nishat & My Loving World:

Nishat was born and raised in Glenview, Illinois. She comes from an Indian, Muslim background. She graduated from DePaul University and majored in Psychology. After receiving her degree, she lived in Hollywood to pursue her passion for Bollywood dancing and movies. She had her own Bollywood dance troupe and even performed on Sunset Blvd at The House of Blues! She then went into advertising and after teaching in Tamil Nadu, India, she realized her calling was to help children around the world. In 2015, Nishat became an elementary teacher. She went back to school at Quincy University to get her teaching certification and masters in elementary education. While teaching elementary aged kids, Nishat developed a dream of writing children’s picture books that share important life long messages which in return help create a better future for our children. This dream begins under the umbrella of Vazir Publishing and with her first book about love and inclusion for all races and religions, “My Loving World”.

Find more about Nishat Firdous Jehan Ali and My Loving World at:

My Loving World on Amazon


Follow Nishat on Twitter @ MyLovingWorld1, Instagram @ MyLovingWorldChildrensBook, on Facebook @ My Loving World, and on Facebook @ Vazir Publishing.


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