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Virtual Conference 2024

September 9-14, 2024
Join us via Zoom Events

Full schedule coming soon!


Daily, Mon Sept. 9 to Thu Sept. 12:
4:00p- 4:55p - Cohort Writing Group
5:00p-5:55p - Workshop/Panel
6:00p-6:55p - Workshop/Panel
7:00p- 7:55p - Cohort Writing Group

Fri Sept. 13:
4:00p- 4:55p - Workshop/Panel - Session 1 & Session 2
5:00p-5:55p - Workshop/Panel - Session 3 & Session 4
6:00p- 8:00p - Community Open Mic

Sat Sept. 14:
9:00a- 9:55a - Workshop/Panel - Sessions 1-3
10:00a-11:30a - Workshop/Panel - Sessions 4-6

12:30p-1:55p - Workshop/Panel - Sessions 7-9
2:00p- 2:45p - Closing

*All times Denver, CO MDT

Agent One-on-Ones will be held October 1-4, 2024. More information coming soon.

Presentations -
More to be added soon!

Writing Craft Workshops & Panels
Prosthetic Dreaming: How to Use ChatGPT, Meditation, and Surrealism to Unlock Your Creativity 
Presented by: Henry Lien

Revising: A Creative Unraveling Journey
Presented by: Monica Rodriguez

Secrets of Deep Revisions: Break Your Manuscript Apart; Build Back Stronger
Presented by:
Maya Prasad

Collaborative Storytelling In Tabletop Role-Playing Games
Presented by:
Sydney Fowler & Joe Ponce

Community Discussions & Roundtables
Building Bridges with and for our Stories
Presented by: Cynthia Harmony, and additional presenters

Supporting Trans+ Youth With Your Writing Practice
Presented by: Zephyr James

Translation Reading and Q&A
Presented by: paparouna

Sex Work Survival: Choreopoetry as Healing Practice
Presented by: Monica Prince

Community discussion
Presented by: Randy Winston & Franklin Leonard

Publishing Workshops & Panels
Stay tuned for more information on topics including working with libraries, bookstores, and sensitivity reading; editorial insights and more. 

Agent One-on-ones
Stay tuned for more information about agent one-on-one meetings and pitch sessions!

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