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Finna by Nate Marshall

Dynamic poems that celebrate the Black vernacular and engage with the world through the lens of Hip Hop as well as America's vast reserve of racial and gendered epithets--from an award-winning author and poet.

Nate Marshall
on Finna


Wild Hundreds by Nate Marshall

Wild Hundreds is a long love song to Chicago. The book celebrates the people, culture, and places often left out of the civic discourse and the travel guides. Wild Hundreds is a book that displays the beauty of black survival and mourns the tragedy of black death.




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Ghost Of by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Ghost Of is a mourning song, not an exorcism or un-haunting of that which haunts, but attuned attention, unidirectional reaching across time, space, and distance to reach loved ones, ancestors, and strangers.


Float True by Deborah Jang

A flow of pieces that carry story and emotion via reflections on an immigrant family history, metaphysical musings, and earthly perplexities--with occasional outbursts of ecstatic appreciation of nature.

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Citizen Illegal by José Olivarez

In this stunning debut, poet José Olivarez explores the stories, contradictions, joys, and sorrows that embody life in the spaces between Mexico and America. 


Moreno. Pienso. Brown. by Alejandro Jimenez

Moreno. Prieto Brown. is Alejandro's first book, self-published, and it explores growing up as a Brown undocumented immigrant in the United States. It explores themes of cultural identity, immigration, home, masculinity, and the intersection of them all.

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How to Exterminate the Black Woman by Monica Prince

In a country grappling with its bloody history and uncertain future, HOW TO EXTERMINATE THE BLACK WOMAN illuminates the struggle of the Black woman trying to thrive in a society seeking to consume and erase her. 


Someone's Dead Already by Tongo Eisen-Martin

"Eisen-Martin's syntax lands somewhere between Sphinx and Thelonious through poem he makes spare, efficient, wild-eyed jazz rubs mud and accountability into the pores of the zeros and ones in the glass and steel city. 


Heaven is All Goodbyes by Tongo-Eisen Martin

This is truly revolutionary poetry. A vortex of images, observations, inspired leaps and free associations spills forth from a choir living in oppression and transience.


Kissing Caskets by Mahogany L. Browne

Inquiries of the living and dying survive on the pages of KISSING CASKETS as the reader is invited to do the self excavation. Each poem is a eulogized celebration of what we lose to the dark when no one is looking. 

Screenshot_2020-07-28 {the rendering} su
Picture of Suzi Q. Smith smiling

the rendering

by suzi q. smith


More poems by Suzi here 


Instructions for Temporary Survival by Monica Prince

Rather than ask us to live in a constant state of survival, or give up entirely, this collection shows the many ways we can save ourselves, while revealing the secrets that require a rescue in the first place.


The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 4: LatiNext

Poets speak from an array of nationalities, genders, sexualities, races, and writing styles, staking a claim to our cultural and civic space. Like Hip-Hop, we honor what was, what is, and what's next.


Redbone by Mahogany L. Browne

What I may love most about REDBONE is the way it strains formally, with syntax and diction, with voice and perspective, searching for the right space on the page to make of this complex family story which, like most family stories, is made of sweetness and plain old hurt a kind of bearable song. 


From the Inside Quietly by Eloisa Amezcua

A complex examination of how we come to love and how we come to be, the poems in From the Inside Quietly create an intricate and urgent music of the border and the feminine body.


Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman

Collected for the first time, the complete surviving works of a major African-American Beat Surrealist poet.


and then we became by devorah major

Reaching from the kitchen table to the stars, ruminations on who we are, and how we became who we are.

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nothing left

by bobby lefebre


Via Denver Center for the Performing Arts

More poems by Bobby here 

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Cruel Futures: City Lights Spotlight Series No. 17 by Carmen Giménez Smith

A Latina feminist State of the Union address at the intersection of pop culture and interiority.


Arcana: A Stephen Jonas Reader by Stephen Jonas & edited by Garrett Caples, Derek Fenner, David Rich, Joseph Torra

Stephen Jonas is a crucial missing piece of the postwar American poetry puzzle.


Dated Emcees by Chinaka Hodge

"These are poems to read every day. To make mantras from. They are the best poems you've ever read."––Daveed Diggs


Great Goddesses by Nikita Gill

In pieces that burn with empathy and admiration for these women, Gill unearths the power and glory of the very foundations of mythology and culture that have been too-often ignored or pushed aside. 


Notes on the Assemblage by Juan Felipe Herrera

Juan Felipe Herrera, the first Latino Poet Laureate of the United States and son of Mexican immigrants, grew up in the migrant fields of California. "Notes on the Assemblage has been a ladder of hope . . ."––Ada Limón


Invocation to Daughters: City Lights Spotlight Series No. 16 by Barbara Jane Reyes

Feminist experimental poetry in the tradition of Audre Lorde and Theresa Kyung Cha from a prominent Filipina American poet.


Deer Trails: San Francisco Poet Laureate Series No. 7 by Kim Shuck

San Francisco's poet laureate—a Native American and native San Franciscan—explores urban space and the natural world.